10 Best Massage Chair Pad & Cushion Reviews 2019

There's nothing like a good massage to take the edge off after a long day at work. Whether your job involves lots of heavy lifting, or sitting in the same place for hours on end, it can take a major toll on your back. A best massage chair pad is a necessity for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain or stiffness. Not only will it relax your muscles and loosen up tendons and ligaments, a massage cushion is portable, so you don't have to take an entire chair with you. 

Everyone like to have a massage chair pad that's easy to set up, offers variety of massage features, and is lightweight so it's easy to move from place to place. We've got you covered and after reading our massage cushion buying guide and massage chair pad reviews, you should be able to get the perfect product according to your needs.

Best Massage Chair Pads in Summary





Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

Dr Scholl's Soothing 5 Motor Full Cushion Massager

Dr Scholl's Soothing 5 Motor Full Cushion Massager

Gideon Six-Program Customizable Massage Chair Pad

Gideon Six-Program Customizable Massage Chair Pad

HoMedics Air Compression + Shiatsu Massage Cushion

HoMedics Air Compression + Shiatsu Massage Cushion

FIVE S 10-Motor Vibration Massage Chair Pad

FIVE S 10-Motor Vibration Massage Chair Pad

Adako Anywhere Shiatsu Massaging Chair Pad

Adako Anywhere Shiatsu Massaging Chair Pad

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion

Prospera Kneading 3D Rotating Massage Cushion

Prospera Kneading 3D Rotating Massage Cushion

The Sharper Air and Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

The Sharper Air and Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

CINCOM Shiatsu Back Massager for Car and Office

CINCOM Shiatsu Back Massager for Car and Office

Features to Look For Before Purchasing a Best Massage Cushion

How Portable is it?

The main reason most people choose a massage chair pad over a full-sized massage chair is portability. Not only do you want to be able to use it in multiple rooms, you’ll ideally be able to take it on the road with you. If you work at a desk job, you’ll also want to be able to take it to the office.
To that end, you’ll want to choose a cushion that is relatively light and has a carrying case or handle. If you have back pain or a chronic condition, weight can be an overriding factor. When in doubt, the easiest thing is to try a massage cushion in the store, even if you’re going to buy it online.
See if it’s light enough for you to lift with one hand. And make sure there’s a handle at the very least. Remember, you may have to carry this massage chair pad multiple times a day, so take the time to make sure this is something you can manage easily.

Massage Nodes and Vibration

Massage nodes are the individual motors inside the cushion that do all the work. Generally speaking, the more nodes your massage chair pad has, the better your massage will be. That said, there are other considerations, such as what kind of motion the motors make. We’ll talk about this more in a minute, but a cushion with fewer motors and more motions can be more effective than a cushion with more motors and few options.
Ideally, you’ll also want to make sure your massage chair pad has vibration under the buttocks and thighs. Regular motors can feel weird in these places, and don’t give the same results they will on a relatively smooth surface like your back. Vibrations, on the other hand, are more relaxing, and can help improve blood flow.

Massage Settings

Broadly speaking, there are two types of massage: Swedish massage, also called deep tissue massage, and Shiatsu massage. Deep tissue massages focus on kneading and rolling muscles to loosen them up, while Shiatsu massages focus on acupuncture points to promote blood flow. Almost all massage chair pads have a deep tissue massage settings. Generally, if they offer a Shiatsu setting, they’ll be specifically labeled as a Shiatsu massager.
In terms of deep tissue settings, there are two types of motors: spinning motors and rolling motors. Spinning motors move in a circle, while rolling motors move up and down your back. Some more expensive massage chair pads have an option to do both motions at once, so motors will spin in circles as they move up and down your back. Different intensity options are another good feature to look for.

Car Compatibility

Many massage chair pads come with a 12 volt power adapter for plugging into your car’s power outlet. This can be a lifesaver if you spend a lot of time on the road, and is yet another way for a good massage chair pad to be as portable as possible.
Be careful using your massage cushion in the car. Needless to say, massages are relaxing, and the last thing you want to do is fall asleep behind the wheel. That said, if you spend a lot of time idling, it can be nice to turn on your massager for a few minutes. Car compatible massage chair pads are also fantastic if you’re on a road trip. Just pull over in a rest area and treat yourself to your own personal mobile spa.

Does it hit the Spot?

No matter how good your massage cushion is, it’s useless if it doesn’t reach your problem areas. Most massage chair pads will cover your thighs, buttocks, and your back up to the shoulders. If you’re not sure it will reach where you need it to, check the manufacturer’s measurements against your body size.
One common mistake people make is buying a massage chair pad for neck pain. Since most cushions won’t reach this high, you can end up spending a lot of money for something that isn’t even going to help you. Consider buying a neck massager instead. You’ll save money and frustration.

Safety Features

Like any motorized device, massage chair pads can occasionally malfunction. If this is simply a matter of motor failure, it can be a headache, but it’s not the end of the world. On the other hand, motors can overheat and cause burns, and short circuits can cause fires.
Thankfully, most modern massage chair pads have a safety switch that will automatically shut the motors off in the event of a short circuit or overheating. Ideally, you’ll want to spring for a massage chair pad with two safeties, since these are even less likely to fail.
At the very least, look for a massage cushion that runs on a timer. This will at least minimize the risk from overheating motors, since the massager will shut off if you fall asleep.

How’s the Warranty?

As with any other consumer product, a massage chair pad is only as good as the warranty. We’re not saying that a warranty guarantees quality – it doesn’t – but it does give you a good idea of what the manufacturer thinks of their own product. A two or three year warranty means they stand by their work. A one year warranty, or no warranty at all, means even the manufacturer doesn’t trust their own device.

Massage Chair Pad Reviews

1. Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion

The biggest reason for the product’s popularity may be because FDA has listed this massage chair pad as one of the most effective throughout the market. Using the cushion you can select between full back, upper back and lower back massages and begin to enjoy the most relaxing experience ever. The cushion uses 4 massage nodes to create the same effect as if a masseuse’s hand were applying kneading and rolling techniques on your body. Besides the adjustable nodes, you also have the option to turn the heat function on or off. The cushion also has built-in automatic shut off capability which comes in play when it finds that no one is sitting on it for 15 minutes.

Zyllion Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion
  • The vibration motor at the hips makes the massage even more relaxing for the user.
  • The design is such that it may easily be placed over any chair and secured with back straps.
  • The product comes with a satisfactory 1 year warranty as well.
  • The massage intensity and the speed cannot be adjusted for the cushion.
  • The cushion may not suit every body type perfectly.

2. Dr Scholl's Soothing 5 Motor Full Cushion Massager

This massage cushion will offer all that you would expect for a relaxing massage. At a very affordable price, it offers 5 motors placed at different points inside the cushion to produce a comforting vibration throughout your back. Although it does not offer a professional shiatsu massage like those massage chairs and some expensive massage chair pads but it does offer an effective heat feature. The unit will also include a controller with it to allow you to change the intensities of the massage. Weighing only 2.8 pounds, it is simple to transport anywhere you want and the sleek design lets it fit perfectly on any chair of your liking.

Dr Scholl's Soothing 5 Motor Full Cushion Massager
  • It comes with a car adapter so that you can even enjoy comfortable massages while driving.
  • It is among the most affordable massage cushions in the market.
  • The massage cushion has very quite motors so you are not disturbed by any background noise while enjoying your massage.
  • It does not offer shiatsu massage techniques so it is not the best option for those looking for professional massages for relief from back or muscle pain.
  • Some users have complained that the heating element makes the cushion too hot.

3. Gideon Six-Program Customizable Massage Chair Pad

Although much cheaper than an actual massage chair, it provides a similar relaxing massage experience and offers the same benefits that you would expect from a chair. 4 massage nodes built in the cushion offer you a comfortable yet silent massage so that you can enjoy it wherever you wish whether in your own house or your office without a problem. It uses kneading and shiatsu techniques to produce the same effect as a masseuse’s hand would on your back. You can opt for a full back massage or restrict it to upper back or lower back based on your requirements at the moment. Besides the 2 speed options that it offers for the massages, another useful feature is the spot focus which enables the cushion to focus its shiatsu on a specific spot on your back which you can adjust using the controller.

Gideon Six-Program Customizable Massage Chair Pad
  • There is also a vibration feature for your hips and lower back with three intensity levels.
  • You can choose the duration for which you want your massage using the timer option. When the duration elapses, the unit will shut down automatically.
  • The heat function of the cushion is very effective in relieving muscle pains.
  • The massage cushion lacks a head rest in its design so is incapable of massaging your neck.
  • Tall users will find the massage cushion too small for their use.

4. HoMedics Air Compression + Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This massage chair pad offers a truly professional design featuring a deep Shiatsu massage on your body to massage different zones. You can select between a full back massage, upper back massage and lower back massage depending on what you require at the moment. The versatile massager also features air massage for your lower back with three intensity settings. You can conveniently adjust the settings and the speed of the massage using the hand control device that is included with it. There is also a removable cover with the cushion which lets you dampen the massage when you put it on or intensify it by taking off the cover.

HoMedics Air Compression + Shiatsu Massage Cushion
  • Heat massage is also included in the unit to relieve muscle pains that the user might be experiencing.
  • The product is lightweight to allow for portability and comes with back straps to fix it to any chair you want.
  • 15 minute automatic shut off capability save the energy when the device is not being used.
  • There is a 2 year warranty included with the unit.
  • The user cannot use the heat feature independently. It will only work if you select a massage option with it.
  • The unit does not focus on the neck while massaging the back.
  • The air massage isn’t very strong and effective and produces a little noise while operating.

5. FIVE S 10-Motor Vibration Massage Chair Pad

Another popular choice of the customers is this inexpensive massage cushion that you will find in under $50 but will produce phenomenal results in treating your neck and back pains. It is a vibration massager which lets you choose between 4 massage options and 3 speed settings using its hand control device. The 4 massage options allow you to select between its 4 massage zones including neck, lower back, middle back and thighs. There is also a comforting heat function for your lower back which you can use with a selected massage option to make it even more effective. The product comes with an impressive 3 year warranty and includes a car adapter so that you can even benefit from it while driving.

FIVE S 10-Motor Vibration Massage Chair Pad
  • Automatic shut off after 30 minutes saves energy even if you forget to turn the unit off.
  • The cushion is lightweight as compared to many others in the market and is therefore convenient to take along wherever you go.
  • The hand control device lets you conveniently select the massage options, speed and heat setting.
  • It does not use Shiatsu massaging techniques to massage your body since it only includes vibration motor.

6. Adako Anywhere Shiatsu Massaging Chair Pad

Although a bit pricier than many other massage chair pads in the market, it is still cheaper than an actual massage chair but offers the same level of comfort and effectiveness. You can think of it as your portable massage chair since you can take it along conveniently and place it on any seat you want. It uses shiatsu and rolling massage techniques to massage your entire back and the cushion may also be programmed by the user to focus on specific points on the back. It also includes air chambers to squeeze your muscles and relieve them of any pain or discomfort.

Adako Anywhere Shiatsu Massaging Chair Pad
  • The hand remote lets you select between massaging options, intensity, heat setting and air massage options conveniently. You can also select specific massage zones to target while massaging.
  • Since the massage nodes are adjustable, the massage cushion will suit many heights and sizes of users easily.
  • The unit is a little bulk and somewhat hard to transport as compared to others.
  • The price is a bit too high for many customers especially those who are looking for a cheaper alternative for a massage chair.
  • The 1 year warranty that it offers seems a bit too short than what one might be expecting at a price so high.

7. Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion

It is a popular choice of customers since it provides an effective massage at a very affordable price. This small and lightweight cushion features 8 massaging nodes to massage and also heat your muscles to relieve any pain. Especially great for long trips on the car, it has an ergonomic outlay which can fit comfortably on any chair, whether it’s a regular one at home or your car seat. It is simple to use and features a single handle to adjust the position and change the settings depending on how you want to use it. The heat function produces a soothing heating effect to relieve you of sore muscles. Although it is designed for the lower back, you can use the same device to massage your upper back, calves, legs, arms and thighs as well.

Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager Cushion
  • The generous length of the warranty, 2 years, is surprising when you consider the low price.
  • Probably the biggest selling point it its low price tag.
  • Some users have complains about the heat feature saying it is not as effective as it should be.
  • You will find this massage cushion a little noisier than others.

8. Prospera Kneading 3D Rotating Massage Cushion

This is a very effective massaging cushions especially designed for people who are looking for a concentrated massage targeting a specific area. This lightweight cushion weighs only 3 pounds and fits perfectly on the seat of your car, sofa or any other chair you want to sit in. Comprising of 4 massage nodes, the unit uses strong motors to produce a deep shiatsu massage on your body wherever you place it. Not only does it work on your back but you can also use the same cushion to massage your neck, arms, legs and thighs. The heating element of the massage chair pads works under the supervision of a built-in temperature sensor which makes sure that it does not become too hot for your skin.

Prospera Kneading 3D Rotating Massage Cushion
  • Inclusion of a car adapter allows you to use it on car journeys as well.
  • Despite its low price tag, the unit is well built and durable.
  • At the low price that it comes at, the cushion offers a very professional shiatsu massage along with an effective heat therapy.
  • Since the cushion is very small it does not provide a very good coverage.

9. The Sharper Air and Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad

As the name suggests, it is a truly high-tech massage cushion which features not only one of the best shiatsu massages in the market but also air massage to compress and squeeze your back muscles. It features 2 massage nodes which move along the length of your spine to produce a deep kneading of the muscles. You can also select the heating option for even comforting massage. For the air massage, 3 intensities are available: medium, high or low which you may select from in addition to 3 massage zones in the back region which can be switched between.

The Sharper Air and Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad
  • The device will shut off automatically if it is not used for 15 minutes to save electricity.
  • The massaging effect is very similar to that of a professional massage chair but at an affordable price.
  • The cushion may be attached to a chair or placed on a flat surface so that you can lie over it.
  • The heating element is not as effective as that of most massage cushions.
  • Car adapter is not included so it cannot be used while driving.

10. CINCOM Shiatsu Back Massager for Car and Office

Much like a massage pad, it will fit perfectly on your arm chair to provide you with a relaxing massage just like one of those expensive massage chairs you have always wanted to own. In around $50, you get this sophisticated massage chair pads which uses 4 massage nodes to apply shiatsu massage techniques on your back. This small unit uses a single button to control its settings using which you can select between two directions of massage. You can use it at home, office or even while driving since it includes a car adapter as well. Although it is designed to be placed on your back, you will also find it effective if used on your legs, arms, waist and upper back. You only have to position it suitably to begin enjoying the experience.

CINCOM Shiatsu Back Massager for Car and Office
  • Despite the low price tag, the cushion comes with an impressive warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer.
  • The cushion shuts off automatically after 15 minute to save energy when it’s not being used.
  • The massaging nodes also convey heat to your muscles making the massage more effective.
  • Some users found the massage a little too strong for their taste. However, if you enjoy strong massages, you should definitely try this one out.
  • The massage cushion might be a little smaller than your expectations and will provide less coverage.

Advantages of a Massage Chair Pad Versus a Massage Chair

To begin with, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using a massage chair pad as opposed to a full-blown massage chair.

A massage chair pad, or massage cushion, is made to be portable. They’re generally lightweight, and can be easily moved from room to room or even from house to house. Massage chairs, on the other hand, can weigh 200 pounds or more. Needless to say, you don’t want to have to move one very often.
Another advantage of massage cushions is the price. A top of the line massage cushion will run you a few hundred dollars at most. This is less than even a cheap massage chair. To get a massage chair with all the bells and whistles, expect to spend well north of $1,000.
Massage cushions are also universal. They fit more or less any chair, which adds to their portability. You can use them in every room in your house, and even take them on the road with you. If you suffer from back pain or stiffness but still like to move around, they’re a better all-around choice.

Of course, massage chairs also have their benefits.

They stay in the same place. If you want a lumbar massage, you can rest assured that the motors will remain in place behind your lower back. Compare this to massage cushions, which don’t always stay where you put them. While most cushions have straps to hold them in place, the straps may be more or less effective depending on what chair you’re putting them in.
Most massage chairs also recline. Massage cushions are made to be lightweight and portable, so they’re designed in an upright position. If you prefer to lie down while you’re getting a back massage, a true massage chair will be a better choice for you.
As you can see, a lot of this comes down to personal preference. Depending on your exact needs, you may be better off with a chair, or you may need a massage cushion.

The Health Benefits of Massage Cushions

Massage cushions are great for relieving stress and loosening tight muscles. Everyone loves a massage, so there’s no real drawback to using one. On the other hand, some people will benefit more than others from a massage chair pad. Here are just a few of the health benefits of using a massage cushion:

Reducing Severe Back Pain:

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you know the importance of pain relief. Quite simply, a high enough level of back pain is enough to put even the toughest people out of work. A good massage cushion can work wonders for these day to day pains. Stiff muscles and tendons will relax, and take a lot of strain off your back. This isn’t to say that a massage chair pad will replace medicine and physical therapy, but it can be an important tool in your pain management toolbox.

Managing Degenerative Conditions:

This is another area where a massage chair pad can work in tandem with medical treatment. If you suffer from Scoliosis or Spondylosis, your tendons and spinal discs are all under far more strain than those of people with healthy backs. Massages, particularly those that involve vibration, can help rejuvenate spinal discs and relieve joint strain from spinal curvature.

Treating Vascular Disease: 

Not only are massages good for your muscles and tendon, they’re also good for your circulation. Vibrations, particularly in the buttocks and thighs, can greatly improve lower limb circulation. A massage cushion isn’t a miracle cure for circulation problems, but it’s a great addition to your prescribed medication.


As you can see, there are many factors that go into making a good massage chair pad. Portability, massage settings, size and distribution of motors and safety are all important things to consider. And that’s before you even think about the price or the manufacturer’s reputation.
Regardless of your needs, we hope we’ve provided a comprehensive guide that helped you to find the best massage chair pad for your needs. We certainly think we’ve covered all the relevant features. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments!