Mecor Heated Recliner Chair Review, Bonded Leather Massage Chair with Control and Cup Holder for Living Room

Mecor Heated Recliner Chair is a bonded leather massage chair that offers you great control and Cup Holder simply perfect for your living room. If luxury and comfort is of importance to you, then you are missing a lot if this chair is absent from your living room.


This chair is the desire of a lot of people primarily because of the incredible support it offers. No matter your height, this recliner has been designed such that your weight and back is well supported which provides the much needed platform for balance and comfort. It is a masterpiece that exhibits uncanny ergonomics.

Apart from the undoubted ability of the chair to offer you the comfort that you deserve, it also functions as a heating system. As a result of this, it offers you variety of options as it possesses 5 massage modes for selection which ensures that you can have access to a full body massage. Another amazing thing about this product is that each point can be operated separately with the ultimate goal of easing the body of stress across various parts of the body.

Another great feature of this product is that it is very suitable for people who are just recovering from surgery because it is designed with materials that makes it comfortable enough to spend hours in it. Morse, only few chairs can match this chair when it comes to the ease of assemblage as they come in 2 pieces. All you need to do to get started is to ensure that the back part is slipped into the base of the chair, connect 3 cables, then you're good to go! There is no sophistication that plagues a lot of recliners in this product as no tools are required before assemblage is possible.

The deft touch in the design is another worthwhile mention as it can be remotely controlled to change massage and heat mode without any form of stress. It also has 2 cup holders designed to keep drinks close at hand. Moreover, it is not difficult at all to place remote with built-in pockets. It is however important to note that the pockets are not on both but just one side of the chair sides.

On the basis of these amazing features, we can safely conclude that this chair supports you and offers you the perfect platform for healthy living. That is why Mecor Heated Recliner Chair is the number one choice of many people.

Pros and Cons

This chair is ergonomically designed to support you and the ease of assemblage as well as fantastic design makes it the favorite choice of many people. However, you may have reasons not to consider the product because it is not one of the best chairs around when it comes to durability.

The Bottom Line

Comfort and luxury are the best combination of words to describe Mecor Heated Recliner Chair. Don’t hesitate to purchase one today because a life of pleasure and luxury awaits you on one of the best recliner chairs in the world!