New Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 Review

The BestMassage brand know how to make you feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed. Massage chairs are a luxury that you simply must indulge in. It is a great feeling knowing on your way home after a long day out you have your own personal chair waiting for you to knead away the day’s adventures.

The benefits of massage include:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Improves mental awareness
  • Reduces stress hormones

The New Full Body Shiatsu chair has a sleek look. Black leather look material means it will go with everyone’s decor. Two arm rests allow you to be completely immersed in the relaxation experience. Extra padding behind your head will also allow for extra comfort.

Now the massage chair doesn’t just have one massage technique. It has multiple:

  • Rolling – this technique mimics the feel of a revolving fingers pressing and rolling up and down your body.
  • Kneading – exactly what you do when baking expect you’re on the other end! Soft pushing all over your body assists in working out knots and reducing muscle pains.
  • Shiatsu – power rollers are known for their ability to relax your body, reduce muscle stress, improve alertness, reduce fatigue and invigorate the mind and body.
  • Compression and Percussion – works at your lower legs improving blood flow, mobility and posture.
  • Chopping/Tapping/Flapping – a personal favorite light accelerated tapping all over your back relaxes stiff muscles and softens thick fatty deposits. This one is also great for nerve stimulation.

This massage chair will cover the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Calves

The seat part does massage however does not use any of the above techniques so if you are trying to target your glutes or hamstrings this may not be the chair for you. The armrests do not have any massage capabilities.

To measure up this chair extends to 1680mm when fully reclined with the footrest up and it 730mm high, so make sure you have this space available. If you’re tight for space you can still use the chair in its upright position the chair measures 1170mm deep and 685mm wide.

The New Full Body Shiatsu chair has a wide range of reclining capabilities. Three separate sections are able to be manipulated to your preferences:

  • Backrest – 115-155 degree range
  • Seat – 0-10 degree range
  • Footrest – 4-97 degree range

You’ll also need to ensure you have a power source nearby to get this guy up and running. An easy to use remote control system allows you to have complete control of what you want. Pick your body part and massage technique and let the relaxation begin!

These chairs are not light, this one weighs a massive 200 pounds so make sure that you have some help when it gets delivered as you don’t want to injure yourself before getting to enjoy your massage!

If you do have an injury you are wishing to treat always make sure you speak to your doctor or health professional before using this product.