RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

Several body massage chairs have been developed. However, every development has always resulted in increased customer demand. RC-MKII Relaxonchair is a full body massage chair which offers zero gravity massage services. With this massage chair, users have the opportunity to access massage services anytime and get all their needs satisfied.


Relaxonchair full body massage chair has exceptional features which contribute to its ability to meet all requirements by its users. The chair has a digital body scanning attached. This automatically measures the user’s spin length and identifies the best position to massage. The chair also has five manual specific massage programs where the user can program the chair to provide specific massage services such as the tapping, shiatsu rolling, kneading and a combination of kneading and tapping. Besides, the equipment is fitted with four automatic massage programs. The programs include muscle stretching program, relaxation, rejuvenation and back stretching - which are primary massage services. The chair has a buttock L-tracking massage system which is located under the seat which enables provision of full body massage service to the user.

There is an arm massager equipped to the chair to serve in massaging the arms. It also features Calf and Foot massager, and multiple bags which massages the user’s foot by compressing action. RC-MKII Relaxonchair is designed with the airbag massage technology. The airbags inflate and deflate to bring about the twisting, relaxation and stretching action of the body when in use. The chair is fitted with three levels of airbag intensity used for adjusting the pressure to the desired level. Also, there is a 3 level speed control, enabling the user to either set a vigorous, medium or low speed for massage, especially for the back. It has an automatic lower back heater which helps in keeping the right temperature when the massage chair is in use. Lastly, the chair is equipped with a deep tissue massage and full body stretching to provide a human-like massage to the whole body.

Pros and Cons

Unlike the previously designed massage chairs which cannot manage a full body massage, you can get a full body massage with this chair.  It is also adjustable and large enough which makes it suitable for people of different width and heights. Additionally, it has the capacity to support weight up to 290lbs. Its manual control is one step and therefore easy to use.

Foot rollers are essential for acupressure and reflexology type of massage. However, this chair’s foot rollers have been found to be too intense to the extent of being painful to some users. The other undoing is that it does not come with an MP3 player like some high-end massage chairs. This is not a deal breaker though, because many have their own music headphones these days.

The Bottom Line

This full body zero gravity massage chair is one of the best massage chairs ever been designed. It is built with high technology, and its usage made easy thus causing minimal stress to the users. It remains arguably the most recommended chair for the people who need the message at any time.