Titan TI7700D Model TI-7700 Massage Chair Review

If you’re looking for ultimate in comfort then the Titan Model TI-7700 massage chair comes very close. It’s designed to massage all areas of your body and does so with a wide variety of different functions and settings.

Whatever stress or tension your body might be going through, this chair will do it’s best to help you get back to full health as soon as possible. Even if your body doesn’t need a message, this chair can still be your relaxing sanctuary whenever you may need it.

One of the numerous features it has is the foot and calf massage it can give with the cushions that wrap around your leg. These massages come with their innovative S-track roller system which will work your legs continuously to give them a great and effective massage.

The chair also has ‘zero gravity’ feature which is meant to put your body into the ultimate relaxing position whereby your legs are positioned at or above your heart level. This position takes any stress from your back and also reduces the workload of your heart. Whilst doing that it also decreases your muscle tension, increases your circulation and enlarges your lung capacity.

The chair offers a numerous range of massage types so you know that you’ll find the one which is going to be perfect for you. These different styles are palm, punching, tapping, shiatsu, kneading as well as both kneading and tapping at the same time. These styles serve different purposes from relaxation, taking tension out of muscles and reliving of pain. With those six massage options comes five preset programs of comfort, stretch, relax, healthcare and air with different levels of intensity for each one.

In terms of massage, one of the most effective is the outer shoulder message which can be an area of common tension on your body. The chair will knead and squeeze those muscles in order to take the tension out of them and leave you feeling great afterward. It also has slots for an arm massage which will give a deep massage to your wrists and forearms.

Along with the massage comes a lumbar heat function which will provide heat relief to your lower back which can help relieve any pain. There is also a hip and seat vibration which will help soothe your hips and your thighs. This all comes with a remote control on which you can easily switch between functions so that you can find the perfect setting for you.

This chair is heavy though, as it weighs about as much and an average man at 181 pounds so you will likely need help to move it around, but once it’s in position you can just sit back, relax and enjoy it.

Overall this is great chair which will deliver the comfort that you are looking for. You can easily switch between the serene zero gravity mode to a high-intensity message if you’re having some pain in your muscles. This chair will leave your body feeling better than it has in years, and all from the comfort of your own home.